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The BOE Report, November 18, 2020

Western Petroleum Management (WPM) is an Alberta based and federally registered Indigenous owned company supplying engineering, project management and onsite supervision to the upstream oil gas industry across western Canada since 2005.

WPM has been involved with the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP) since its inception and has been extremely successful in obtaining application approvals for numerous clients, from large operators to single well licensees. WPM has realized an overall success rate of 94% on hundreds of SRP applications during periods 1 to 4 (100% in period 4). These successful applications have included, well abandonments, wellhead cut and cap, Phase 1 ESAs, Site equipment dismantling/removal and site reclamations. Since September WPM acting as Prime Contractor for our clients, have abandoned over 125 wells, with all abandonment operations being fully funded through the Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program.

WPM continues to work closely with the Alberta government, including being a member of the Indigenous Roundtable Group, to assist with developing guidelines for future funding periods. With our vast operational experience and indigenous status, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients understand and access SRP funding during Period 4 and potential future periods. In period 4 WPM as an indigenous prime contractor is required to have a minimum of 50% Indigenous personnel onsite, versus nonindigenous prime contractors who must meet the 100% requirement for onsite Indigenous personnel. If licensees are having concerns, with meeting Indigenous requirements and maximizing funding on your SRP funded abandonment projects, then contract WPM and as your prime contractor we will guarantee those requirements are achieved on a daily and project basis.

If you need help with the Site Rehabilitation Program, submitting applications, meeting indigenous requirements and maximize the number of well abandonments through the government managed program, then please call us today.

Mark Schumlick

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