Western Petroleum Management (WPM) can recommend, design and implement a technically superior drilling and/or completions program where we focus on safety, regulatory and engineering requirements, plus operational efficiency both from a technical and logistics perspective to ensure all contingencies are reviewed prior to mobilizing high cost equipment and personnel. We will develop a comprehensive AFE that is designed based on competitive bids for equipment and personnel and reflects the true cost of your project. Either we develop the geological prognosis for the proposed drilling project (if WPM is managing the Asset) or request this from the client (as a drilling management service). WPM will ensure that all your regulatory issues are managed properly from well licensing to end of well government submissions. Whatever your requirements, WPM has the capability and experience to fill your needs.


Directional and Horizontal wells

  • New Drills - short, medium and long radius wells including extended reach wells (6000 meters) utilizing rotary steerable tools. We have experience drilling carbonates and shallow unconsolidated oil sands.
  • Re-entry horizontal wells.
  • Under-balance wells.
  • Sour and critically sour.
  • Multi-lateral horizontal wells to 6,000 meters.
  • Shallow and deep directional wells.
  • SAGD paired wells.


Vertical Drilling

  • Conventional wells from shallow gas wells to deep wells, 4,000 meters+ including both development and exploration wells.
  • Planned and utilized both water based and oil based drilling systems.
  • Large diameter well bores (28") and large diameter casing (24").
  • Coil Tubing drilling.
  • Sour and critically sour.
  • Heavy oil core evaluation wells.
  • Re-entry operations.


Completion Operations

  • Conventional oil and gas completions (or re-completions) and lift design.
  • Horizontal well completions and lift design.



WPM can recommend, design and implement the construction of the required facilities and well equipment needed to handle the expected fluid and gas production for a project or on a well by well basis. WPM has experience with re-designing and implementing major upgrades to existing facilities to handle increased production due to increased development drilling, re-equipping of shut-in wells and water flood operations in a number of producing fields.

Workover Operations

WPM can recommend, design and implement specific workover programs for existing producing or shut-in wells. WPM has vast experience in identifying remedies to bring back wells that have ceased being economic and identifying by-passed pay. WPM also has extensive experience with heavy oil operations and it’s difficult operational issues.