Oil Sands Core Holes

WPM can manage all your project needs with regards to your core hole program. To date we have drilled over 250 core holes ranging in depths from 190 to 600 meters. We have the experience and resources to supply all management and supervision requirements including:

  • Pre-survey scouting
  • Supervise surveying of access and well site
  • OSE Application
  • First Nation Consultation
  • Request, review bids and recommend third party services
  • Develop AFE
  • Designing a drilling/coring program
  • Well licensing
  • Well site construction
  • Drill, core and abandon your well as per clients and government of Alberta requirements
  • Site reclamation and submission to government of Alberta for reclamation certificate
  • End of well submissions to government of Alberta
  • End of project report to Client


SAGD Water Source Wells

WPM has worked with a hydro-geologist and developed a program for 6 water source wells. The wells were drilled, completed and successfully tested utilizing a rental ESP.


OSE Application

WPM in cooperation with one of its subcontractors has a number of team members who provide our clients with a one-window approach to surface acquisitions. We are able to provide all aspects of government applications from Caribou Protection plans, OSE applications right through to third party agreements. Our focus is on oil sand exploration and development. Clients can conveniently monitor the progress of their projects through our on-line database of our subcontractor.

This cooperation gives WPM better control of every aspect of oil sands development from the exploration phase through to surface acquisition for plant/pad sites, pipelines, access roads and monitoring sites. By drawing on experience as previous Forest Officers, our subcontractor has had the opportunity to see applications from a regulatory perspective.

Combined with extensive experience in the private sector, we are able to complete applications that address all relevant issues. We are also providing clients with advice and suggestions on all their surface land requirements as projects develop. WPM and its subcontractor have the expertise to act as liaison between forest management companies, other stakeholders and oil sands producers. This integrated approach improves integrated land management, reduces construction costs and reduces construction time.